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Persia Pele Bondage

Video language: English

So he met a new chic named Persia up in Santa Barbara...he scopes the wineries up there for single, bored women, taking tours for free drinks...sometimes it works out pretty well...it was a couple weeks ago...they had a great weekend together so he invites her down to LA...then he calls me to see if the dungeon is available...apparently he used the ole "its my birthday" line and she bought it...So he uses this free pass to get her naked and tied up...she's a bit nervous but she really likes Christian and wants to make a good birthday for him...if she only knew what was coming...fucked raw and humiliated like a hooker...and left bound with cum on her face...I had to go down to let her out...she wasnt upset at all about the dungeon romance, but she was pissed that Christian gave her a bad number...gotta love that guy...and Persia...you'll love her too...

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