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Standart Crazy post-COVID Weekend - Sunday Pt. 02

We were about an hour from my house when Melissa fell asleep in the car. We should roll into the driveway just before 9:00, I thought. I had fun tossing the Lotus through the corners on the country roads. Melissa rested soundly, her hand at some point left my thigh and sat in the space between us. The silence gave me time to replay my crazy weekend. Nikki, Corrine, Patricia. I went into the weekend anticipating some exceptional Sunday night lovemaking with Melissa. Instead, I had fucked three married women, sampled three mouths and fucked an ass. Crazy. All of them, exceptional women who claimed they weren't getting their sexual needs met by their husbands. Crazy. Just crazy, in these times when people were locked in their house together. I eagerly anticipated my upcoming love-making with Melissa.
The first time we stopped was at a red light about ten blocks from my house. When the car came to a halt, Melissa woke up in that groggy way passengers often do after a long nap. She blinked her eyes and stretched.
"Wow. Where are we?" Melissa said looking around trying to get her bearings.
"Hi gorgeous."
"MMM. Hello handsome." Melissa said shifting in her seat looking around. "Wow. We're almost home. Wow. How long was I asleep?"
"45 minutes or so."
"Wow.... I should stop saying 'wow'. I guess I was tired and that orgasm you gave me; it must have really relaxed me. Sorry I wasn't awake to talk with you. I owe you."
"Nothing to be sorry about. You owe me nothing. It was a pleasant drive and I enjoyed looking at you sleeping now and then. You're just as beautiful when you sleep as you are when you're awake."
Melissa looked at me and smiled, reaching over to give my arm a squeeze. Melissa stretched a few more times as I was driving down my street. "I at least owe you an orgasm handsome."
I parked and we climbed out of the car.
"Mind helping me with the roof?" I asked Melissa.
"Sure. Of course."
We were putting the roof on chatting about the day when Corrine appeared from her backyard wearing a loose-fitting swimsuit coverup. Corrine's coverup that didn't cover much more of her thighs than Pat's tennis skirt had. Corrine obviously was not wearing a bra or swimsuit top. Bottoms? Who knew?
"Hey you two. How was your day?"
"Hi Corrine. It was great seeing my friend after such a long time", Melissa replied, "and of course fun sporting around in this car. How was your day?"
"I can imagine. Eric has never taken me for a ride (insert a slight deliberate pause) in this car."
Melissa caught the pause and looked at me.
"Corrine has only ever been in the Countryman."
"My day was quiet", Corrine said restarting the conversation "Why don't you two come for night cap?"
We were finishing locking the soft top in place and looked at each other not responding.
"Come on you two. One quick drink. There's lots of time for, well, whatever you're eager to do to finish your day together. Corrine said raising her eyebrows. "Come on."
Corrine turned and walked into her backyard not waiting for a reply. Melissa and I looked at each other and shrugged. I held up a finger and mouthed 'one drink', nodding my head toward Corrine's yard. We met at the front of the car, walking into Corrine's yard hand-in-hand.
The night was still warm. I really felt like I could use a shower to freshen up. I suspected Melissa felt the same way. Open top cars are wonderful but have a way of making you feel a little grimy at the end of a long drive.
"Wine? Beer? Tequila?" Corrine asked.
"Wine for me too, please", Melissa said.
"Whatever you have open will be fine Corrine.", I added. "You know, I think I will run home and use the facilities before we sit down."
"Me too," said Melissa.
Corrine got out three glasses, twisted the top off a fresh bottle of white wine and started pouring.
"You're here. Just use my bathrooms. Eric, take Melissa in and show her where they are."
"Okay. That will work. Thanks."
I led Melissa by the hand to the powder room on the ground floor.
"Here you go. Need any help getting those shorts off?" I asked with a playful tone.
"Not this time handsome but later for sure." Melissa said taking my wrist and spinning me for a kiss, rubbing her hand on my shorts until my cock was hard; which didn't take long.
"Want to see their bedroom?"
"No. But yours for sure, as quickly as we can get done here. One drink, right?"
"Right. Just one."
Melissa kissed me before closing the door. I went to the ensuite. When I dropped my shorts, stale pussy overlayed with sweaty cum encrusted cock wafted up to my nose. When I was done, I gave my face a quick rinse and found a face cloth allowing me to give my crotch a quick wash. When I felt a little more fresh down there, I dropped the cloth in the hamper before heading back to Corrine's deck.
Melissa opened the door just as I was walking down the hall.
"Hey handsome."
"Gorgeous." I nodded to Melissa.
She escort izmir grabbed me, giving me another deep kiss. Melissa seemed determined to keep me sexually aroused, caressing my balls and cock through my shorts until I was hard again.
"I'm supposed to walk outside like this?"
"You are." Melissa said taking my hand, heading for the backyard. "I don't want Corrine getting any ideas about us hanging around. She won't miss that nice, obvious bulge in your shorts. She will get the message."
Corrine was sitting on the lounger holding her wine. A bottle of Patron and a full shot glass were on the table next to her. On the tables on either side of the sofa was a glass of wine and a full shot glass. Corrine's eyes went straight to the bulge in my pants when we walked outside, just as Melisssa had wanted them to. Melissa and I sat on the sofa.
Raising her shot glass Corrine said, "Come on. Let's toast being together after such a long time."
We raised our glasses and tossed back the shots. Whoa. That jump-started the night. We all squinted our eyes and shook our heads a little. Corrine got up and collected our glasses setting them down with the tequila. She picked up her wine then threw her leg over the chair. Yep. No bottoms. I looked at Melissa to see if she caught that little detail. I couldn't tell if she had.
We chatted about our visit with Pat and Bob and Corrine's quiet day. Corrine asked about the car and long rides with the top down. We were all relaxing. Corrine poured three more shots of tequila that for some reason Melissa and I felt obligated to chug. I was feeling the alcohol relax me, easing my urgency to get home. Corrine retrieved the wine bottle, flashing us again when she got off the lounger, topping up our glasses before a final flash when she sat back down. I saw Melissa eyes bulge this time, indicating she now knew Corrine was naked under her coverup.
"You know Melissa. I washed those bathing suits earlier today. I'm going to grab them so you can try one on."
"No. That's okay Corrine. Another day, for sure."
"Nonsense. You're here. Let's do this. I want to show you how great you will make them look."
Corrine was gone and back in a flash carrying the two string bikinis.
"Blue or black? What do you think Eric?"
"Oh, I can't decide. I don't know."
Melissa interjected, "Corrine. You just washed them and I'm... in need of a shower after this long hot day."
'not to mention one recently orgasmed, sticky, gooey, pussy' I thought.
"No problem. Come on. Let's all jump in the pool, then try them on."
"No bathing suit." Melissa shrugged trying not to extend our visit.
"Me neither." Corrine said lifting her coverup over her head, tossing it aside, grabbing Melissa's hand and pulling her out of her seat.
"I don't know Cor.."
Corrine had her hands on the hem of Melissa's tank top and started pulling it up. Melissa caught it, stopping her.
"Corrine? Please?"
"Come on Melissa. We've all seen naked bodies. It's just a skinny dip. No harm. A fast swim instead of a shower. Then a quick fashion show and you're gone."
Maybe the booze had loosened Melissa's will, or maybe she thought a swim would do in place of a shower and would feel pretty good right now. But like I said earlier, Melissa isn't shy and always seems open for an adventure. And maybe she thought it was the shortest path to us getting into my bed and ending our night with some sex. Melissa lifted her arms over her head.
"Eric has to come too," Melissa said.
"Absolutely he does. Get up Eric. Strip. Let's swim." Corrine said, while lifting Melissa's top off.
"Up Eric." Melissa said turning to me, curling a finger at me.
Corrine was standing behind Melissa undoing Melissa's shorts, helping Melissa wiggle out of them.
"Oooo you daring little minx. No undies under these tight white shorts. I love it!", Corrine exclaimed tapping Melissa on the ass hard enough to create a small smack.
I was entranced watching Corrine undress Melissa. Now there were two beautiful naked women standing in front of me, telling me to undress.
They each grabbed a hand, pulling me up. My cock was still mostly erect, with Corrine flashing me every time she moved and the looming prospect of making love to Melissa, there was little chance it was going to fully subside.
"You kiss him while I undress him, Melissa."
Melissa reached up, pulling me down for a kiss. She started unbuttoning my shirt, Corrine went to work on my shorts. I was rock hard by the time Corrine was pulling my shorts down. My erection flipped up, smacking Melissa somewhere on her body. When Melissa was done unbuttoning my shirt, Corrine pulled it off my shoulders, Melissa had grabbed my cock, holding it while we continued to kiss. Melissa's kiss was deep, sensual, inviting me to a dance of seduction and pleasure.
Corrine moved behind Melissa. She started running her hands over Melissa's body.
"Woman. You have a great body. A perfect 'V' from your shoulders izmir escort bayan to this incredibly tiny waist. I swear this angle from your waist to these hips is absolutely eye-grabbing perfect. This waist; these hips; I may not let you wear those bikinis anywhere near me. If you do, you will make me invisible."
"I think not Corrine."
"And look at this ass. Marvelous." Corrine spun Melissa around breaking our kiss. "And these tits. These tits. I would kill for tits like these."
Melissa was always self-conscious of her small breasts. I had always loved them, thinking she couldn't custom order a set that would fit her body better.
Melissa brought her hands up to her chest, competing with Corrine's hands in an attempt to cover her tits. Melissa had lowered her eyes giving in to her feelings her breasts were small and inadequate. Corrine just kept raving about them, speaking words I wanted to say many times but felt unable to say them in a way that didn't sound self-serving.
"Melissa. These might be the most perfect breasts I have ever seen. Woman. These fit your torso so perfectly. Their shape, damn, look at their shape. Simply flawless. Your nipples, perfectly round, not too big, not too small. Can I kiss them? Just once each. Please?"
Melissa shrugged her shoulders a little, glancing at me with an unsure expression, having given in and dropped her hands halfway through Corrine's assessment of her breasts.
"Thank you." Corrine said, "I've never kissed a woman's tits before, but these are irresistible. Let me know if I hurt you or do something... if I could do something better. I can't believe I'm about to do this."
Corrine took a deep breath and bent forward. I could see hesitation in her movements telling me she hadn't lied when she told Melissa she had never done this before. Corrine placed a kiss on each tit then each nipple. Corrine looked up into Melissa's eyes. There was some understood communication between them alone. Melissa closed her eyes, giving Corrine a single nod.
I wanted to be part of this. My first step was towards Corrine, then I stopped. Since this was new for Corrine, I didn't want to pollute her experience with me attempting to stimulate her. I glided behind Melissa, bending my knees, sliding my cock between her legs so her vulva could perch on top of it. Corrine was kissing, licking, caressing and suckling Melissa's tits, becoming more and more relaxed and engaged in this new activity for her. I looked sideways at Melissa and could see she was enjoying Corrine's attention. I kissed Melissa's neck, running my fingertips up and down her sides. Melissa raised her hands, one going to the back of Corrine's head, the other looping around my neck.
Melissa's pussy was wet and slippery. I pumped my hips a little, sliding my cock through her labia. I felt a hand on my cock. Corrine's. She caressed my cock and balls while continuing to play with Melissa's tits. Melissa pushed her butt back into me. Corrine must have felt her do that. Corrine took hold of my cock and directed it into Melissa's cunt.
Melissa and I moaned together when the head of my cock first split her vagina. I could feel Corrine was now spinning her hand on Melissa's clit. I pushed further into Melissa. It wasn't difficult. Her pussy was well primed, leaking her slippery secretions all over my pole. Corrine stood up, directing Melissa to lean forward a bit, allowing me the ability to slide deeper into her vagina. I obliged. Melissa responded with an appreciative groan. Corrine kept her hand on Melissa's cunt. Melissa attached her mouth to Corrine's tit. My pumping and Corrine's twirling had Melissa's moans quickly growing in pitch and volume.
One of Melissa's loud orgasms exploded onto Corrine's tit. Melissa knew to keep Corrine's tit in her mouth to muffle her screams so she wouldn't startle any neighbors whose windows might be open. Melissa's convulsions were so extreme she pushed my cock out of her cunt. Corrine and I leaned forward to kiss in our own celebration of Melissa's orgasm. Melissa gathered herself and stepped from between us.
"That was fun." Corrine began. "I've never done anything like that. And you, Melissa. You're a loud one, aren't you? I think I like that."
"Oh. Wow. That was incredible. Fun and incredible. And me neither. First threesome in my life, if that counts as a threesome."
"Eric?" Corrine asked, looking into my eyes. "And for you?"
"Besides being speechless. Never done that before either."
"Know what else I've never done?" Corrine asked, looking at my shiny cock.
"What?" Melissa asked with glee in her voice.
"Tasted another woman's pussy."
"Me neither", Melissa smiled in agreement, looking down at her pussy, then at Corrine's.
"I think I want to try that. But I think I want to do it this way." Corrine said, getting to her knees in front of me, taking hold of my cock. "Do you mind Eric?"
My first thought was being thankful I had taken the time to wash my crotch before all this got started. My second izmir escortlar thought, Do I mind? Are you fucking kidding?
"Of course he doesn't mind, Corrine. Mind if I watch."
While Corrine shook her head 'no' to Melissa's question, the only word I could get out was, "Sam?"
"What? Sam? He won't mind if I tell him I tasted another woman's pussy when he wasn't here."
Melissa laughed, "OOOooo, I like this woman. She's devious and crafty."
Corrine licked my shaft, looking me in the eyes. "Mmm. Delicious." She said before wrapping her lips around my cock. She slid her mouth up and down a couple of times, then stopped to say, "You have a nice cock Mr. Newhouse. Why didn't I know that before this weekend?"
I caught the nuance in Corrine's statement, before this weekend, instead of before tonight. I was pretty sure Melissa wouldn't notice it having knelt down behind Corrine, spreading her legs on either side of Corrine's hips, cupping Corrine's breasts, kissing her neck.
Corrine continued sucking and licking my cock, Melissa continued her exploratory journey around Corrine's body.
"Can I touch your pussy? Maybe finger you, Corrine?" I heard Melissa whisper to Corrine.
Corrine hummed an affirmative "Mmm Hmm" around my cock. Corrine's blowjob was consuming me. It was fabulous. Long slow strokes into the back of her throat, accentuated with tongue swirls mixed with kisses and licks when she would momentarily extract my cock from her mouth and pay some attention to my testicles.
"Another first. I've never watched someone give a blowjob before. Thank you for letting me watch Corrine. And for letting me touch your pussy. It feels as good as it looks. Am I touching you, okay?"
"Your touch is wonderful, Melissa. This is fun. All these firsts we're sharing. I've never had someone watch me give a blowjob, or a woman touch my pussy and finger me. Nice hands by the way, really nice hands. Would you like a turn?" Corrine asked nodding toward my cock.
"Sure. If you're done."
"If we trade places, can I try fingering you?"
"Absolutely and yes please, actually. Why not keep this train of firsts rolling?"
Melissa took hold of my cock while Corrine spun around behind her. I was nothing more that a tool for their enjoyment at this point... not that I was complaining, but my balls were aching to unload into someone. Corrine and Melissa jostled about, getting into position.
"Okay. I think I'm ready." Corrine said.
Melissa turned her head to answer Corrine, "Me too."
Then they kissed. Like it was natural for them. Like that's what was supposed to happen. Corrine had a hand on Melissa's tit and another between her legs, a finger dipping inside Melissa. Melissa opened her mouth, about to start sucking my cock.
"Wait! Stop!" Corrine shouted.
Melissa stopped, looking over her shoulder, getting another kiss from Corrine before saying "What?".
"You said you've never tasted another woman's pussy, right?"
"Yes. I've never done that."
"Mmmmm. Want to?" Corrine asked with a huge smile on her face.
"Sure. I guess," Melissa said wearing a look mixed with wonder and uncertainty.
Corrine planted a huge kiss on Melissa. There was obviously a good amount of tongue dancing and spit-swapping going on between them.
"Get up. Come on. Get up." Corrine said poking at Melissa.
The two of them stood up, Melissa still holding my cock. Corrine turned around and bent over, grabbing the back of a chair.
"Stick that nice cock in me Melissa. Come on. Then you can taste my pussy on Eric's cock, just like I tasted yours. And don't ask about Sam, he won't mind when I tell him I let another woman taste my pussy on the weekend; should he ask or care."
Melissa chuckled then looked up at me. Obviously, I had no say in the events taking place, not that I would have changed any of it. Melissa slid her fingers through Corrine's vulva testing its readiness.
"Ready?" Melissa asked Corrine.
"Did Eric feel really good inside you Melissa."
"Always does."
"Then I'm ready."
Melissa rubbed the head of my cock up and down Corrine's cunt before poising it at Corrine's opening. I pushed forward; Corrine pushed back. Her vagina spread around my cock encompassing it in heat and slippery humidity.
"Oh fuck. That is so erotic, watching Eric's cock disappear into your pussy."
"And it feels soooo good. You were right Melissa. Sooo good."
I was now buried in Corrine as far as I could go. Was I supposed to be fucking her? Was I supposed to pull my cock out and let Melissa suck it? I just stood there.
Thankfully Corrine spoke up. "I'm pretty sure you two are supposed to be fucking each other right about now. Melissa, do you mind if Eric fucks me a bit? Are you okay with that? I mean, will you be angry or jealous or anything? I think I would really like that right now. Just a bit. Just for a few slides in and out."
"Of course I don't mind. Can I watch?" Melissa asked with a playful chuckle. "You heard the woman, Eric. Start fucking her."
Melissa started rubbing Corrine's clit with one hand and spreading Corrine's rich cream on her ass. I placed my hands on Corrine's back, hooking my fingers around her hips for leverage.
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