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Standart A Business Trip with Benefits

Authors note.
This is my first ever story. And it came from an online chat with a lovely, married lady! Any and all comments or feedback welcomed!
I was tired, I'd had travel troubles getting here, actually I wasn't even sure I knew where here was. Somewhere near the Northern Ireland coast, the train had taken awhile to get there from Belfast. I was late but not late enough to pop into the store to say hi to the store manager ahead of the meeting tomorrow. Best to say hi and then I can head to the hotel to rest, eat and well relax.
This was my first work trip since covid and whilst not always glamorous I secretly enjoyed the store visits I sometimes had to do. There was obviously the work but it was often fun meeting colleagues on the shop floor. They always had an interesting perspective. And sometimes, well sometimes...
And so there I was exiting the taxi and walking over to the entrance. Checking my phone to remind myself of the store managers name I wandered over to customer services to sign in. As I walked up there was a colleague standing behind the desk, all smiles.
"I'm here to see Natalie, the store manager" I say.
"Ah you must be Freddie from head office, Nat told us you were coming and that you were running late..." she said late with seemingly a twinkle in your eye.
"Let me take you to her, you'll never find her office through the maze of the warehouse!"
"Ah great, thanks" I said....and we exchanged the usual pleasantries as we walked through the store. I said "I was staying at this hotel, near the sea I think."
Straight away you replied, "oh that's lovely. It's right on the beach, only 10 mins from here, but a world away." And you added that you often run and walk past it.
Before we could say more we made it to Natalie's office and you bade me goodbye. But I swear there was that twinkle again. Putting it aside (for now) I knocked and went in to see Natalie....
"Jen, Jen..." 10 mins later Natalie popped her head out of her office asking if anyone had seen Jen. Moments later a familiar face came through her door..."Jen you live near where Freddie's staying. Could you drop him there...saves a taxi fare and you can tell him a few things to do tonight."
"Sure Nat happy to do so, my shift is finishing anyway."
And so a few mins later I found myself walking out of the store towards Jen's car. As we walked over she said..."I should warn you, it's not the cleanest inside! I've got 2 kids..."
"So have I" I replied. The drive to the hotel wasn't long and we chatted about the kids and that we were both married, and both happily so.
As she pulled up at the hotel, she pointed out the path escort london to the beach and said, again with that twinkle, "if you fancy a wander I'll be back here in an hour..." And with that she departed.
Now I was tired but the thought of a sea walk was enticing. The hour passed in no time...quick shower and a change and I found myself on that path. And as I strolled down the sandy incline I could smell and hear the sea calling to me.
"Gorgeous" I said out loud, seemingly to no one.
"Yep it is," I turned and there walking towards me was Jen. Changed into a sports bra and the tightest gym leggings you could imagine.
"Wow!" I blurted out. Quickly followed by "sorry!"
"Why sorry?" said Jen, again with that twinkle! "Come on...there's this amazing spot a couple of kms down the beach. It's beautiful but hard to get's a locals secret."
"Sounds great" I replied. And as I did she reached out her hand to grab mine and pull me along. Again with that mischievous twinkle in her eye.
20 mins later I found myself scrambling over some rocks and we found ourselves in this small but magical looking cove. Beautiful golden sand, dunes to one side and a cave at the other. I stood spell bound at this sight, seemingly miles away from anywhere and anyone.
And then Jen said, "fancy a swim?"
And as I started my reply to say, "it looks beautiful but I've not got any trunks on..." you'd already headed off to the cave.
As I caught up just inside the mouth of the cave, you said..."who needs trunks? There's no one here but us." And with that you lifted the sports bra over your head releasing the, and I mean this, most perfect pair of tits I'd ever seen in my life.
Startled, I stammered..."are you sure, we should be be...". And again whilst I spoke you acted... shoes off and then you started to ease your leggings down. There was no pretence at faced me as the leggings rolled down your long legs. In seemingly slow motion I stared as your shaved pussy appeared.
The stare was interrupted by you..."like what you see?! What are you waiting for..." And with that you ran out of the cave and towards the sea...
Now I may be married but who could resist that kind of an invitation. My shorts and tshirt were quickly discarded and I followed you out and into the water.
"This is amazing," I shouted as I tumbled into the sea and let the water cascade over.
"I love coming here" you said, "it's my special hideaway."
For the first time I took control, reaching out to touch one of those perfect pert tits.
For a second you pretended to be shocked..."I'm a married woman" you said, but as you said it your hand reached down and felt my growing dubai escorts cock...and you finished your sentence..."and I love married cock."
I pulled you in closer, wrapping my hands around your back and head and leaned in, our lips finding each other, our tongues urgently exploring, caressing each other's. We were half in the water, half out. Anyone could have seen us but we didn't care. This was pure lust, carnal desire.
I pushed you away but only to lower my mouth to those fabulous tits. I sucked, I licked, I nibbled. Your moan in response was all I needed to continue. My fingers urgently went lower finding your pussy. They eagerly went in, one, two, three, four...nearly filling you up. The gasp as the 4th went in was loud. "Gently" you scolded me...and guided a finger to your waiting clit, showing me how you like it. "Let's go back to the cave" you said...
We pulled ourselves up and walked back to the cave. As we got there I sat you on a slightly raised rock, spread your legs and leant forward tasting you for the first tongue lapped at your cunt, teasing it... "play with your clit" I told you and you brought a finger down, opening up your pussy and it danced inside alongside my tongue. With your other hand you gripped my head, holding it in...
I let my fingers wander, first in your pussy and then slowly back, towards that tighter hole. The gasp as it teased your bum said everything without any words needed, gently but yes...felt you push against it and one slowly entered your ass. "Another" you said through the moans and so a second was inserted, stretching the ass further. With your ass nearly full, pussy being licked and clit played with your breathing got faster and faster..."I'm gonna cum... oh god that was amazing!"
I watched you twitch as the orgasm went through your whole body, your eyes shut as you enjoyed the moment. As it subsided you said, "now it's your turn."
And you jumped down from the rock pushing me onto my back. For a brief moment I had your boobs in my face and felt that warm inviting pussy rub against my cock. But you moved backwards and spread my legs...leaning forwards to take my cock in your mouth.
I closed my eyes as you licked the very tip, enjoying the precum that was there. And then slowly licked up and down the shaft. "Open your eyes" you commanded, and as I did, I saw the sexiest smile I'd seen and you opened your mouth and engulfed my whole cock. Up and down you go, sometimes gently, sometimes I feel your teeth grate against it. I'm so hard, I've never heard a blow job like this before.
You stare at me whilst you take me whole and you move one of your hands to fondle my balls...and then they move further back. "I've Escort Dubai always wanted to do this" you say...
I'm uncertain and watch you put a finger in your mouth, still full with my cock and then it goes back to my ass. You find the gently push looking for permission...I nod and you push inside. I've never felt it before, it's amazing...waves of pleasure and yes pain.
I react by thrusting deeper into your mouth, hitting the back of your throat making you gag. You keep going but as you feel my cock start to throb you move away leaving your finger inside my ass. "You're not coming yet" you say...
You shimmy forward a little having removed your finger....until your pussy is next to my cock. You slide back and your lips part for it. We both moan and hold each other as I enter you for the first time. You start to move up and down, "push against me" you cry and my hips start to thrust.
Deeper and deeper inside...we kiss urgently...I can taste my salty precum in you and you your fabulous cunt juice. We pick up the pace and as we do I slip out... Before you can get me back inside, I spin you around onto all fours. I reach under to grab your tits, and then push my cock into your very wet pussy.
Between our moans all we can hear is our bodies slapping together. You reach back with a hand to feel my cock inside you and to rub your clit. As you do I pull out and line up against that other hole. You turn your head and say "yes" push back feeling my cock enter you. It's tight but feels so good. "Thrust gently" you say and I do. I've not been inside an ass in so long. It feels divine.
I can feel us both building for a climax. You say "please cum in my mouth"... we switch again, this time I stand up. Your eagerly grab my ass with one hand pulling my cock to your mouth, taking me in with one gulp. Your other hand reaches down to your pussy to finish yourself off. I thrust harder but you just love it...I can hear your moans as you close in on your own feel my cock start to tense...we're close.
I cry out as the first spurt of cum comes just as you start to orgasm. Your trembling makes me spurt again and again, filling your mouth with warm cum. Some starts to dribble out and down your chin, dripping onto your tits... As I pull out, you open your mouth showing me my cum inside and then swallow it...your tongue licking your lips cleaning up some that had seeped out. I offer to lick the rest from your tits, something I've always wanted to do.
"Wow," we both say breathlessly.
"How about a quick dip to clean off before we head back" you say. Somewhat reluctantly we pull our clothes back on and walk back slowly. And as we do you say, "my kids are with my parents and husband is away for work" pause leaving the implication clear but unspoken.
Turning to you I reply, "would you like some dinner...this is on the company and you were told to look after me..."
To be continued...
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