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benjamin blue drew dixon

Drew Dixon returns to show a different side as he seduces Benjamin Blue and makes him do whatever he wants. Drew's sensual kisses and dreamy voice are all he needs to get Benjamin to follows his commands and in the literally red-hot bathroom he gives Drew's hard cock the kind of oral pleasure he desires.

Drew soon gives back by bending over Benjamin and using to his fingers and tongue to tantalize his ass. Drew soon cock-teases his hole and slides into him, quickly moving into a deep ass-pounding. He brings them both to the edge, so Drew slows down and makes Benjamin follow him to the bedroom. There he lies on the floor and prompts Benjamin to ride his cock

Using the bed for leverage Drew thrusts up into Benjamin only stopping to suck him. Then he turns him around for Benjamin to ride him the other direction. Benjamin's legs almost give out so Drew finishes him off fucking him on his back. Drew's cock and their mutual sex talk does the trick and Benjamin shoots all over himself. In turn Drew shoots over him too and as they kiss they're both quivering with sexual satisfaction.

Width: 1920X1080 pixels
Duration: 00:29:24
Frame rate: 30.000 fps, 7000 Kbps
Format: mp4, audio AAC
Size: 1.5 GB


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